How are you selling individual plans?

Whether you sell directly to individuals, employers, or both, the Affordable Care Act provides an opportunity for growth, and W3LL has the tools you need to capitalize. 


ACA Agency Portal

The ACA Marketplace grew by nearly 10% last year. As the individual market continues to grow, it's time to seize the opportunity and start growing your business through the ACA. Our ACA Agency Portal is:

  • free to use
  • easy to get started
  • directly connected to
  • you keep your clients

Why W3LL's Agency Portal?

Free to Use

Integrated with

Turnkey Solution

Share Quotes

Manage Caseload

Our Agency Portal is fully integrated with and Enhanced Direct Enrollment Phase III, 100% of your enrollments can be completed on the portal. You completely maintain your relationship with clients. They will not receive any marketing communications from W3LL.


Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRA)

The individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) allows employers to provide different groups of employees varying amounts of money that they can put towards insurance premiums or other qualified costs. Those employees will shop on the ACA Marketplace for their insurance rather than receiving a group plan. 

ICHRA Administration Portal

ICHRA does not have to be an either or for your clients. An Individual Contribution HRA can be offered to some employee classes, like part time or staffing agency employees, while others maintain their group policy. ICHRA is a great opportunity to grow your business through cross selling and expansion. Here are some of the benefits employers get when they use ICHRA:

Defined Classes & Contributions

Controllable Costs

Customized Per Employer

Increased Retention

Employees have more Options

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